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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hitting the Road

I haven't taken today's picture yet; I'm waiting till my subjects arrive! Barbara and Thomas are driving here today. Early tomorrow morning, Barbara and I will hit the road for Dallas. We're going to help Karen celebrate her 50th birthday! We'll be there for four days, and I will certainly be taking pictures, but they will have to wait till I get back for me to post them. Fair warning, Barb and Karen and Justin and Victoria, I have to take a picture a day. Hmm! Four days, four people, you do the math.

Meanwhile, Thomas will be staying here with Herb, helping feed the animals, getting up at the crack of dawn to do it before an early departure for CCS! Poor Thomas! I bet if he has ever entertained ideas of being a farmer, this will put them to rest. Speaking of rest, I do hope he gets some while he's here!

I'll miss you all while I'm gone. Please pray for Precious who is still in the animal hospital.

I'm so thankful for my sisters and excited to have this extended time with them! Together we will soon represent over 150 years of wise, wacky women! As soon as Barbara and Thomas arrive, I'll put their picture right here:


  1. I'm awaiting the picture--make it a good one!! :P

  2. We miss you too Mom, will keep Precious in mind! Have a great trip. Wish I were there with you; sound like fun!

  3. Precious came home today and is "okay". She still needs prayer!

  4. Hey, Carrie, I think it's a good picture, but don't blame me if you don't like it--my photos can only be as good as my subjects! :)


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