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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Invasion of the . . . Bucket-Heads?

Hero came home from Wally's Friends today where he spent the night after being, uh, "tutored" shall we say?  (Just in case he's listening and feeling a little sensitive in more ways than one!)  The clinic gave strict instructions not to let him lick the incision.  Good luck with that!  In my excitement to see Hero, I forgot to buy a $5 cone from them.  Big mistake!  No sooner did Hero get inside, but he started to lick.  My idea of a muzzle made out of a sock was full of holes.  So I grabbed the trusty duct tape and made a temporary (non-sticky-to-fur) muzzle so I could run out to feed my complaining barn crew.  And there in the barn I found, ta da!--an empty horse supplement bucket.  A hole in the bottom, several rounds of reinforcing duct tape, and voila!  Cone-head dog becomes Bucket-head dog!  Somehow I don't think Hero appreciates my ingenuity.  What do you think?


  1. Barn Space Dog! Poor Hero! HAHAHHA Poor dear frisky happy space dog!

  2. You've heard of "The Bucket List," right? Well, Hero's done this one!


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