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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breaking the Ice

We realized that the horses better get used to Sara and quit chasing her before we get her bred, so this afternoon we took them down to the lower pasture and turned them loose.  Then we went back up and "bucket-led" Sara, with bits of apple to reward her, all the way down there.  The horses came galloping over as soon as they saw Sara, and she balked, so Herb chased them away while I put her in the field.  The horses were down at the far end grazing, so Herb went off to break ice off the water tank for the first time since the freeze--over 9 inches thick!

Sara got to work busily munching grass, not at all bothered my me taking pictures of her.  I was trying to catch her long, pointy, black tongue, but it moved too fast.  She flicks it out, curls it around a clump of grass, and pulls the grass into her mouth--much like a frog gettting a fly!

Peace couldn't last long, as Brandy was bound to get bored sooner or later, and here she came galloping towards Sara and me with Angel right behind her.

Of course, poor Sara ran--not at all the right thing to do.  That seemed too much like an invitation to play when the horses hadn't been out of the round pen in a week!

Here came Angel and Brandy back for a second round of "Let's Break the Ice"!  Poor Sara ran some more, but then she got smart . . .

. . . and turned and faced down the horses.  They stopped, then ran off.  They ran towards Sara again, and she faced them down again.  This time they ran off for good.  Apparently they realized she wouldn't be cowed!  :)

As they galloped past me, Brandy rolled her eye at me as if to say, "Okay, I get it!  She's horned in on our happy family, and she's here to stay!  Let's go eat some grass, Mom!"


  1. Since she couldn't be "cowed", they quit "horsing" around, huh? Perhaps this meeting went well because of the ice-breaker Herb introduced! Nice pictures! Barbara

  2. Poor Princess Sara! Serves you right for stealing the name Sara! Nah!LOL lovely pics mom, especially the one where she has all fours up off the ground!

  3. Ha! ha! Barbara, you're really mooving right along there! The lady at the chiropractor's said the horses can't bully her! :) Jenny, I hadn't even realized she had all four legs off the ground! Poor Sara! I think she'd rather be peaceful than picturesque!


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