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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Frosty Morning

My paraphrase of an old poem:

One frisky, frosty morning
When bright was the weather,
I invited an old man
To come enjoy the weather . . .     :)

It all started when I went out to feed the horses, fortified by the bacon, eggs and coffee Herb had brought me in bed.  After nearly two weeks of gray rainy weather, the sky was bright and clear, the sun was shining, and the horses were dying to get out in the field.  So I led them down to the back pasture, although at first I thought Angel was going to drag me all the way there!  They galloped two and a half times around the field without stopping, Hero barking at their heels and Zephyr running all out to stay as close to them as she could.  How I wished for my camera, though it couldn't have captured the thundering beat of hooves as the horses flew past me; it could have captured Zephyr laying down full length to cool off in the freezing stream from the pond overflow!

As I walked back up to the house and looked around me, I saw too many beautiful pictures crying out to be taken.  "Herb," I panted as I huffed & puffed into the house to grab my camera, "put on your coat and come out and enjoy the gorgeous morning!"  So he did, and so we did!

The stream was silver in the sunlight.

Even the barb-wire fence was rimed with frost.

The frost-silvered weeds reached for the sun.

Zephyr wouldn't lay down in the pond--it's too deep!  She'd rather walk on it, like she did last year!

As we walked back toward the far fence, I exclaimed, "What in the heck happened here?"  It looked like plastic grocery bags ripped to shreds and blown all over.  Then we got closer . . .

We had never seen anything like this!  Ribbons of ice, like ribbon candy, had formed wierd shapes around the base of these weed stalks.

If you have any idea what caused this, we'd love to be enlightened.  Anyway, it was fascinating enough to get me down on my hands and knees on the freezing, damp ground taking lots of pictures!

The climb up the steep hill was rewarded with this view.  We stood there in the sun for a long time enjoying it, watching the horses graze contentedly after their mad gallop, while Zephyr licked herself dry and Hero ran around some more.

Something got Brandy's attention . . .

and Hero's, too.  The frost was melting, evaporating into mist, unlike the work that was waiting for us.  Duty called, so we left the winter wonderland to the horses and headed back to the house to the mundane tasks of the day.

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  1. What a beautiful post, mom! Very descriptive and creative...makes us want to join you there! Blesssings on Christmas Eve and Christmas.


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