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Friday, December 18, 2009

Curiosity Killed the . . .

We finally set the trap for the possum the other evening, then went out for dinner.  When we got home we decided to check the trap.  Good thing we did!  We had indeed caught a marauder, but not the possum!  You know what they say about curiosity.  Well, poor old Sterling, the barn cat, almost found out!  He was meowing piteously, too upset to even eat the Thanksgiving leftovers that had tempted him in there.  So we let him out, and reset the trap, but apparently the possum must have seen what happened to Sterling, because he wasn't having any! 


  1. you live and you learn. Or in the case of the possum: you learn so you can live.

  2. What a smart hubby I've got! He learns so he can live too! Learns to run, to eat, to cook etc!

  3. Actually, I hope Jean-Marc is LOTS smarter than someone I know! Guess who Herb found in the trap AGAIN the next morning? Need I tell you that it wasn't the possum?! :) I guess that brings Sterling down to 7 remaining lives! Obviously, the cats will have to be shut into the hay barn before we try again to trap the possum! Though actually, at least the possum is cute and makes for interesting blog posts! Sterling is just plain useless. I NEVER see him except on the stairs by his food bowl, yowling, or curled up in the box full of fleece blankets I fixed up for him and Rascal. She, on the other hand, is always prowling around, stalking the chickens, and presumably catching chipmunks (based on the little tail I found in front of the barn). Hmmm . . . maybe I should turn both the cats loose on that scenic ridge lot and keep the possum around! Oh, no, they can carry EPM, which is dangerous for horses. Maybe I'll just turn them ALL out on Rt. 136 together! :)


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