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Sunday, November 8, 2009

On a roll!

Friday night we spent a while playing with Monique and Charis before her bedtime.   She has learned to throw her beach ball which is almost as big as she is!  Charis was so happy and full of fun, enjoying having three playmates!  We all four threw the ball back and forth. 
If this was a movie, you would see her bouncing in rhythm to the songs on her play farm, like "Turkey in the Straw" and "Home on the Range."  Herb and I started singing the words along with the music, and Charis was fascinated.  She didn't say so, but she obviously wanted us to keep singing, so we did.  She sure knew how to push our buttons to make us play!  :)
Herb got to do Charis' latest trick with her.  He held her favorite book (a farm book, of course!) up while Monique set her down on her feet.  Then Herb said, "Come get the book!" and she toddled over to him!  She moved fast, too--she really loves that book!  The picture is a bit blurry, but it's my first picture of Charis walking, so it's a keeper!
This one's blurry, too, because she was really moving and my camera doesn't focus very well on anything that moves!  In other words, it doesn't focus well on Charis!  The high point of my evening, actually, my whole month, was when Charis was just standing there, and suddenly she turned and toddled three or four steps over to me, threw herself into my arms, and gave me a hug!  Oh, my goodness!  I felt like Superman!  I could fly!

Talk about flying--time flies when a baby is learning new things.  That was Friday night, and tonight I got these treasures in an e-mail:
I guess we better get back over there quick before she runs her first marathon!


  1. Oh, my...foreign service is looking even less attractive...missing out on all this! Wow!

  2. Hey Charis, in a few week you'll have even more playmates! Aunt Jenny and I are really looking forward to playing with you.

  3. And just think how much fun your kids can have playing with her! :)

  4. Proposed New Title: On A Roll!!!

  5. Hey, Jean-Marc, was that first comment of yours AN ANNOUNCEMENT??? :) :) :) I noticed the plural--twins???


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