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Friday, November 27, 2009

We Are Thankful

It's Thanksgiving at Zephyr Hill Farm, and a whole bunch of us are celebrating together.  Here's what we're thankful for:

Herb- Fifty-six full years; four careers, each more fulfilling than the last; countless friends who have showed me unconditional love; four wise, wonderful godly children; three loving children in law; a wife who has selflessly given her life and love to me for thirty-two years; and above all, my faithful Savior Jesus Christ.

Susan-I am thankful for my lovely family, for this beautiful place to live, to have Jane here for a visit, and to have Charis here for her very first Thanksgiving.

Jane-We are thankful to have Jane with us.  Zephyr is thankful that Aunt Jane is such a good sport about throwing her ball.

Kara-Is thankful she's almost done with college!

Jean-Marc- I am thankful for Jenny, for family and for friends, but most of all, I am thankful for God beeing by my side everyday of my life.  Day after day, He demonstates His grace in every blessing He gives me. Spending Thanksgiving with family is just one of them.
On a less serious note, I am soooo thankful that my day of work is over!!!

Jenny-I'm thankful for a good year of marriage and law school.

Jim-Jim said he didn't used to like having to share what he was thankful for on Thanksgiving because he wasn't thankful to God for anything and felt he had to make something good up, but now he is so thankful for all God is teaching him and doing in his family's life.
Monique-Is thankful for what a wonderful father Jim is to Charis, truly modeling God's father-love to her.

Charis-Seemed very thankful for all the good food which she devoured as fast as she could, for the fun wagon to play in, for all the animals, especially Zephyr, the chickens & the ferrets, whom she gave kisses to.

Hero-I'm thankful for Kara who was a hero and took a chance on a big black dog at the animal shelter.  And I'm thankful for lots of long grass to bounce over.

Zephyr-I'm thankful to live here at Zephyr Hill Farm with my family and all these animals for me to be the boss of.

Sterling-I'm thankful I got adopted with my sister Rascal.  And I'm thankful for the horse trailer to hide under because Hero is too big to fit under here.

Rascal-I'm thankful that I got adopted with my brother Sterling.  And I'm thankful for lots of tall trees to climb when Hero chases me.

Angel and Brandy-We're thankful that we got to come home again after we were stolen.  Twice!  And we're thankful to be out in the field eating grass for Thanksgiving dinner.

Gypsy, Esmerelda, Pepita and Victoria-We are thankful that we're not turkeys!  We're also thankful that Carmen is gone.  And we're very thankful that all those eggs we've laid will NOT be turning into babies!

Peekaboo-I'm thankful for my sister Precious and that Charis isn't afraid of us and she doesn't shriek like some babies!  And I'm thankful for suitcases to play in when we have company.

Precious-I'm thankful for my brother Peekaboo.  I'm thankful for Charis' sweet kisses (see the picture of me gettting a Charis kiss!) and that Charis' mommy lets her kiss me! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. WHAT was Hero doing? He look sooo funny!

    What a great Thanksgiving Day! Jem and I had so much fun hanging out with Charis, the animals and Aunt Jane! It was good to catch up with Yvette and her family too!

  2. He was just looking up at me. He is funny! We loved having you here. Thanks for making the trip! And thanks for all the delicious treats you left for us to eat. We'll enjoy eating them over the Christmas holidays and think of you all while we do!


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