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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Fall is moving along, and most of the leaves are off the tree.

Herb and I have a new toy.

Zephyr has a new game!

Or is it a new enemy?!

Hero doesn't get it.

But Zephyr totally gets it . . .

 . . . or does it get her????


  1. VERY FUNNY! But I won't tell JM to check out the blog yet since you wanted him to be surprised by a new Zeph Zeph game! I can't WAIT to watch her play!

  2. I realized that after you left. So sorry! I got so busy socializing that I forgot about working, and as fun as it is for Zephyr, leaf-blowing IS work! Next time--there's always work here!


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