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Sunday, November 1, 2009


HI!  HERO HERE!  Grandpa and Grandma took ZEPHYR and ME for a WALK this afterNOON!  Grandma took OFF my COLLAR of SHAME so she could take PICtures of ME!  HOOray!  I LOVE to RUN and JUMP as HIGH as I CAN!

Grandpa and Grandma DON'T have a TRACtor yet, so the GRASS is thigh-HIGH on them.  GRANDma is AFRAID of SNAKES, but GRANDpa ISN'T!  I'm not EITHER!  I chase GRASShoppers.  I RUN and then I LEAP into the AIR as HIGH as I can JUMP so I can SEE my PREY!  They CAN'T escape ME!

ZEPHYR tries to JUMP, but she isn't BIG enough to even SHOW above the GRASS!  She is HERE, but YOU can't SEE her!  So I will JUMP into the SUNset so GRANDMA can GET a good PICTURE of me.  It isn't HARD to do beCAUSE I'm so GLORIous!  I don't KNOW what that MEANS, but THAT'S what GRANDma SAID!


  1. HAHAHAHAH: look at his ears, his cute little ears. I guess God gives us all our equivalent of "cute little ears" to keep us from getting too full of our own "glorious-ness" !! LOL I love it, these pictures are fantastic. All I can say, if I'm a good photographer (and cook) it's thanks to you Mom'mom!

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  3. I like both font sizes. We can definitely view both sizes with ease, both the Hero Deniro post font and the Jonathan Chicken post font.

  4. We want pics of Hero in his collar/cone head of shame!!!!

  5. It's a Tigger-Dog singing: "Vous bondirez de joie, vous marcherez en paix, montagnes et collines éclatent de joie..."

  6. Malheureusement, jusqu'au présent, il peut aussi chanter ce chant comme Ron Bergey l'a chanté! Un de ces jours il ne pourra que bonder . . . !


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