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Monday, October 26, 2009

Zephyr the Canine Cannonball

Zephyr here for the last time because Mommy says she needs her computer back. (Sigh) But that's okay, because she's making Jenny's pork posole in the crock pot, and it smells really good, so I'd like to go out in the kitchen and look adorable (like in my picture) so maybe Mommy will give me a taste. She says it won't be as good as Jenny's because she is a lazy cook--she said that, I didn't!--and takes shortcuts. I saw her get a package of adobo seasoning out of the cupboard to use because she didn't have the right kind of chile powder. Oh, well, maybe Daddy will have forgotten what Jenny's posole tasted like . . .

I have to tell you about our last two days in Virginia. Sunday was very cold outside, so they left me at home in the bathroom while they went to Colonial Williamsburg. I wish I could have gone to the ham store! You will never believe that all they came back with was . . . more whine! I declare, Virginia is the whiningest place I ever heard of! But Monday was a beautiful day, and Jenny and Jean-Marc told Daddy and Mommy about things they could take me to. :) Jenny got to go run around at Lawn School, and Jean-Marc got to play games, although I don't think he could have much fun because he was tied up--at least they said he was on a line. So Daddy and Mommy decided to go to Yorktowne which was where a very famous British general named something like Pea Wallis surrendered to the Americans and ended the Revelationary War in 17-something (I'm not too good at numbers). That is the British flag up there on the British--blush!--breastworks. At first I was very embarrassed because Daddy said we were going to walk on the breastworks, but they were really just big piles of dirt. As someone who loves to dig, I can tell you that they must have had lots and lots of dogs to dig those big ditches and you-know-whats!

The Americans must have had lots of dogs, too, and we walked on their y-k-w's first.  Then we followed the trail to look at the see, although I think that's redundant, and then we walked across the big field to the British y-k-w's.  Part way across the field, I got a sand brrr stuck in my front paw.  It wasn't cold, but it hurt alot!  So I held up my paw and used it to pull down on the leash.  When Mommy felt that, she turned around and saw me and said, "I think she's hurt her paw!"  Then she found the brrr and said "Ouch!" when it stuck on her finger while she pulled it out.  They thought I was pretty smart to let them know I was hurting, but I think I would have been pretty dumb to walk across the field with a brrr in my paw when I didn't have to!  Finally Daddy decided to carry me because there was no path, and the grass was full of brrr's.  Mommy said she bet he was glad we hadn't brought Hero along!  (It's not his fault he weighs over 50 pounds, and I'm not even 20.)   We also got to go see the cannons which are very, very, very old, like 17-something years old.

Can you see that I had a big adventure? Mommy says there's nothing like paws-on history, so she put me in the cannon so Daddy could shoot me out across the field and not have to carry me back. BOL (that stands for "bark out loud") JK (that means "just kidding!")  They would never do that to me, but it made a good picture, and I had fun thinking about flying through the air with my fur streaming in the wind. Of course, the landing part wasn't so fun to think about . . .

Before we left, we stopped to look at the American flag, and I thought I heard music somewhere: "Oh, I'm proud to be an American . . ." I felt very proud to have walked on that same field where American soldiers died to make our country In The Pendant. I think British people are very nice--at least Tony Lewin is, and he's the only one I know--but I'm still glad I'm an American Shetland Sheep dog.

After that we went home to get Jean-Marc, and then we went to see Jenny's Lawn School.  Surprisingly, alot of it was inside, so I don't know why they call it a Lawn School.  But it is very impressive--at least Daddy and Mommy said so, and I have to take their word for it because they don't allow dogs on the Lawn.  When Jenny grows up, she's going to be a Lawnier, which is a person who digs up dirt.  I think that sounds like a fun job.  Jean-Marc has already grown up, and he is a Journey-List, but he has to always be tied up and work on a line, so I don't think that sounds like so much fun.  That's Jenny playing tug of war with me and my bone.  I ate most of it before we left because I knew Hero would take it from me after we got home.  Sure enough, he did!  Excuse me for whining, but I want to go back and stay with Jenny and Jean-Marc again!


  1. Ever so clever and cute Zeph Zeph, you're a talented writer! You can come live with us whenever you like, and you can write my exams for me too!

    Oh, and by the way, Mommy needs to explain that lawyers may dig up a lot of dirt on people but they also put a lot of dirt away (ie put a lot of dirty people behind jail bars). So lawyers do both, depending on whether they're a good ethical (pronounced : e-th-i-cal) lawyer or whether they are a bottom dwelling scum sucker (get Mom to pronounce that one for you). Lots of love, and a virtual bone, jlea

  2. PS : Tell Daddy to post a comment on his Frog Blog.

    C ya! Now going to spend the rest of my date night with JM. You're not welcome. It's just me and him, chilling on the couch.


  3. If you're chilling, do you have a brrr? (Zephyr)

  4. Ha, Ha, took me a mini second to get that one...I'm not at my brightest so early int the morning lol (even 10 am is earl for me ;-)


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