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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God' Hand Cream

Before I post anything, a HUGE thank you to Jean-Marc for fixing my blog problem over the phone!  Herb thanks you, too, because I've been a growly bear all evening, unable to play with my new favorite toy!

Having recently become excited about the new things I've learned about God's amazing creation--specifically chickens and all the intricacies God built into them--I've been more aware of the things He has to teach me from others of His creatures.  Today it was Zephyr's turn to teach me (though I think she might be a bit embarrassed about what God used her to teach me) . . .

I was sitting on the chair & ottoman reading "Space for God."  Zephyr came over to me and put her nose up on the ottoman next to my leg, obviously wanting to be petted.  When I reached down and stroked her head, she started licking and licking my hand.

I thought, "Oh, she loves me!"  My heart felt so warmed. 

I said, "You are such a sweetheart!" 

And then I remembered--I had just slathered my hands with that handcream that she and Hero love so much.

I wonder how often I only come to God when I want something from Him?  As Kara said, "Because He has hand cream."


  1. Beautiful thought and picture! Who's your photographer?!;-)

    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. I don't know, but she sure is good! ha! ha! You truly are a gifted photogrpaher, Jenny.


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