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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cast of Characters

Can you tell I was just on an Agatha Christie kick ? I loved that when you got confused about characters, you could check the list at the front of the book. So here we go with the list of my most “usual suspects”:

Herb—my dear, forbearing husband of 32 years. He had no idea that our marriage’s motto would be “Never a Dull Moment!”

Jim—our son, married to
Monique—mother of
Charis—our one and (for the moment, only) grandchild.

Katie—our daughter, married to

Jenny—our daughter, married to

Kara—our daughter, adoptive mother of
Hero—big, black, part-Akita (?) former shelter resident.

Zephyr—my sweet little Sheltie, named before we ever heard of Zephyr Hill Farm.

Precious—big sister ferret to
Peekaboo—little brother ferret.

Angel—my 10 year-old black Tennessee Walking Horse mare, mother of
Brandy—3 year-old buckskin TWH.

Sterling & Rascal—sibling barn cats.

Carmen, the rooster, lord of the harem:
Esmerelda, Pepita, Victoria & Gypsy Rose Lea—my Ameraucana chickens, often referred to as “The Wicked Chickens” for reasons that will shortly be evident!

In Memoriam:
Tiger—our long-time French cat
Kizzy—the littlest chicken, chased off by Carmen.

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