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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ADCA Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

As a member of the Association I agree that I will:

A. Not knowingly make any untruthful statement in submitting applications for registry, and not register animals of questionable parentage.

B. Not neglect or mistreat my animal(s), but, on the contrary, at all times safeguard and further its/their well-being.

C. Not transfer any animal to a party who I feel will not conscientiously look after its health, safety, and well-being, or may exploit or degrade or otherwise act to the detriment of the breed of animal.

D. Only breed animals that I know to be in good condition and health.

E. Represent my animals honestly to prospective buyers and give such advice or assistance to the buyer as may be reasonably requested.

F. Keep on the alert for and work diligently to control potentially adverse effects of known genetically inherited conditions by educating prospective buyers regarding the implications associated with the presence of these conditions in a breeding program.

G. So act in my breeding practice and in dealings with others as to protect and improve the good standing and reputation of the breed and of the Association.

H. Conduct myself in such a way as to protect the good order, welfare, reputation, and credit of the Association – abiding by the Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures of the American Dexter Cattle Association – and doing no harm to the Association, its Officers and Board of Directors, or its membership.

This Code of Ethics is copied from the American Dexter Cattle Association website, page 11 of the Standard Operating Procedure, since it is a bit hard to find there.

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