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Friday, October 30, 2015

Pecking Order

Monday we moved pastures and briefly combined two groups, the "boys" (Royal and two steers) with Ebby and her calf, Seb.  We then led Ebby out of the pasture, with Royal and Seb following.  But during the few minutes they were all together, the pecking order had to be re-established.  The photos aren't the best because I took them with a cell phone on a rainy day, but they give you the idea.

Sir Loin already knew he's below Royal and above Wellie in the pecking order, so he went after Ebby, the self-appointed Boss Cow.

Meanwhile, Seb (on the left) faced off with Wellie.  It was interesting to compare six-month old Seb, a chondro negative bull calf, with Wellie, a 17-month old chondro positive steer.  While Wellie is much more filled out, they're pretty close to the same height.

When Sir Loin went off to eat some pellets, Wellie went racing back to find out his place in the pecking order.

Royal followed the fracas closely without getting involved.  Seb (on the right) hovered nearby while Ebby pushed Wellie backwards, plowing furrows in the wet ground from his planted feet.

Seb and Royal continued to follow Ebby and Wellie.

While I hate to see a pregnant cow in a pecking order match, the result between Wellie and Ebby was never in doubt.

By the next day, everyone had settled down.  Sir Loin had moved on, and Seb had glued himself to daddy Royal's side (in the "sun spot" in the center of the photo) while Ebby and Wellie grazed near each other in peaceful détente.  The pecking order had sorted itself out, and dinner was once again the top priority.

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