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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Udderly Fed Up!

Ebony was due April 4 with her third calf.  The third lactation is generally a peak one for cows.  Last year Ebby didn't even fully bag up before Tiggy was born (three days early).  This year is a different story.  The Calf Watch photos I'm compiling don't do justice to her full-to-bursting udder, but here's one I took last night in the middle of the night that will give you an idea.  (I've been getting up to check on her at 3 a.m. for six nights now because I really want to see this calf born!)

Ebby always lays very upright with her rear hooves tucked in close to her belly.   I've been wondering how she could stand the pressure because it makes her teats look like they're going to pop.  Well, I guess it was as uncomfortable as it looked, and she took matters into her own hooves last night, tipping over on her side and sprawling her legs apart to give her udder a break.  You can tell from this photo that she's just enduring.

Here she is this morning saying, "I'm so OVER this!"

I've come up with a few names for this calf (which at this late date, I'm resigned to being a bull):

"Johnny Come Lately."

"Crock Pot," because it's a slow cooker!  ;)

"Maranatha," which is Greek for "even so, come quickly, Lord!"

Or, in keeping with my "Royal" theme, "Royal Pain in the Rear!"

Yep, Ebby and I are both udderly fed up!

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