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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Eventful Week

Herb and I made a trip this week to southern Missouri to pick up stuff from my dad's house.  He passed away on D-Day.  For months now, my two aunts and uncle have been making regular trips from up near St. Louis, sorting through everything in the house, and filling a room with things for the three of us girls.  The end of last week my sister Barbara drove here with my nephew J and niece Carrie, who volunteered to feed the animals while we were gone.  We showed them what to do on Sunday evening, then hit the road.

♪ "Monday, Monday, can't trust that day!" ♫ We were treated to snow, freezing cold and icy winds.  On our way through Kentucky we passed four accidents in a short while on the slippery, snowy back roads.  Pulling a horse trailer through that made for some tense driving, but at least we were only carrying empty boxes.

By the time we got to the Ohio River, the snow had stopped and we could enjoy the view.

There's something about a river and barges that thrills me--maybe being born near the Mississippi River (pictured here) it got into my blood.

Despite a busy Monday afternoon and evening packing and a busy Tuesday morning loading the horse trailer, there was time for sharing memories, hugs and laughter with Barbara, Aunt Shirley, Aunt Dot and me.  (Uncle Rich had already gone home, and Herb was the photographer.)

All too soon we were back on the road again.  Driving conditions were a lot better.  Even the Mississippi looked a more cheerful shade of blue!  This photo was taken at the convergence with the Ohio River.

Wherever these barges had come from, they toted some snow on the Ohio.

The countryside is flatter than we're used to, the fields are bigger, and the tractors are even bigger.  Another thing that's big in Missouri is Dexters, and it was quite frustrating to be so close to so many Dexter breeders and not stop to visit a single one!

When we got home at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, J was eager to let Herb know that he could sleep in the next morning, that he and Carrie would be glad to feed.  I enjoyed peeking out the window with my telephoto lens to watch them at work.  When they finished they shooed Sir Loin and Royal out of the garage where the hay is stored and headed back to the house.

Herb enjoyed getting to sleep in after two and a half days of driving, packing and more driving, and looking at the thermometer's 18° I was thankful to be observing from inside.  J hurried back to the house to let us know that he had finally made friends with Wellie, who stood there in bliss getting scratched behind his ears.  It was pretty cool to see J so excited and happy about doing chores in 18° weather!  You can tell we left our animals in good hands.

While we were driving home Tuesday, Barbara celebrated her ??th birthday, so Kara cooked a wonderful Moroccan meal Wednesday night, followed by Carrie's delicious homemade grape pie.

♫ Happy Birthday, sweet middle sister! ♪

Kara was too tired out from cooking to protest having her picture taken!

Finally on Thursday it was time to say goodbye.

Misty reveled in playing chase with Herb while Carrie packed the car.

She did a masterful job packing and managed to squeeze everything in . . .

. . . except her brother!  We suggested he should try out his grip before they hit the road.

We weren't quite sure of the best way for him to get home.
And then someone discovered that Carrie had left room for him after all!  J and the hat both fit!

Misty did her best to keep them from leaving . . .

. . . but despite her valiant efforts, they disappeared down the road.

In case you're wondering what I'm going to do with myself now that everyone's gone . . . here are a few of the boxes of photos and papers that I've offered to sort and archive for us girls.  I guess I'll be putting this long, cold winter to good use!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with you, Herb and Barbara at your dad's home. It was wonderful witnessing the excitement when you and Barbara would come across some memento from your parents that you remembered and where so thrilled to have, to be able to take home and share with your own families. Lovely blog about your trip to and fro, really enjoyed it. Love you all.
    Aunt Shirley

    1. Thank you, Aunt Shirley! It was amazing of you, Aunt Dot and Uncle Rich to have collected ALL those things for us! Believe me, our hearts are full of gratitude each time we see them! It was very special getting to be with you both! I love you, too!

  2. I marveled at Herb's control and patience. Every time you girls found something new,stopped packing and looked at it. He didn't say "shut up and go back to packing". He wanted to get it done and get it done you all did. Loved seeing the three of you. Enjoy your goodies. I love the book of Tom. Can't wait to share it. Enjoyed all of todays picture. Can't believe how much Barbara looks and acts like your mom. Love Aunt Dot

    1. I agree, Aunt Dot, Herb was extremely patient! Barbara and I let him know several times how much we appreciated it, and I'll tell him again now! :) I'm so glad you love your book! Thanks again for everything! I love you!

  3. Great photos, Susan, thanks for your blog post. . . It was a really special trip with you and wonderful to see Aunt Shirley and Aunt Dot!!

    1. It was a really special time, wasn't it? So wonderful to spend time with everyone. I hope J enjoyed his photos "hanging" onto the car! :)


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