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Thursday, August 14, 2014

All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go

Miss Siobhan is all dressed up and ready for a hot date--or should I say "undressed up?"  She's no longer wearing her fancy new Super Anti-Self-Sucking Harness™ 2.1!  Her harness would have posed an extreme hazard to Royal, so it had to go.  Somehow I don't think Siobhan minded!  I had her all brushed and pretty for her date (and photo op) when she turned her head into the bush beside her and looked back at me with pollen all over her face.  Oh well, we'll just call it glitter for cows!

We led Siobhan to the Back Pasture with Wellie following along.  As soon as he entered the new pasture he realized he had new territory to explore and took off running and bucking.  Siobhan just kept walking straight for the nearest patch of shade.

Then we fetched Royal and led him down to meet his new date.  The poor guy was "Torn Between Two Lovers", turning back to moo at Macree, then looking ahead to moo at Siobhan.  It was pretty funny!  Here he, Siobhan and Wellie are having a group hug under the pear tree, the bovine version of "Getting to Know You."  Next, of course, comes "Shall We Dance?" 

While Royal was meeting the Siobhan for the first time, the sweet romance of the moment came to an abrupt end when I looked over and saw Angel swaying back and forth, back and forth, using the old hay bale to scratch what itches!  Animals!  (Sigh.)

That's All, Folks!

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