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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Round and Round We Go . . . Horseback Riding

My sister and her family are visiting this week, and they thought it would be fun to ride.  The youngest took what is probably his last ride on Julie because by next year I think his legs will be dragging.

Barbara hasn't been on a horse in years, but luckily Brandy was on her best behavior.  (Angel is not always so accommodating when she can tell someone isn't sure what they're doing.)  Barbara has now ridden a horse without a bit or bridle!
We have no idea why Brandy is sticking her tongue out here, but it made a hysterical picture!

Angel wanted to gait which was fine with me.  Brandy wanted to walk which was fine with Barbara.

Some of the kids got their turns next.  Carrie has ridden before and really enjoyed Brandy's nice smooth gait.  Angel, led by Herb, made a good safe mount for a first horseback ride.

The horse girls behaved beautifully and the weather was incredibly cool with a tiny breeze, so a great time was had by all.
After lunch in Chattanooga, Barbara and I couldn't resist the opportunity to go riding again . . . this time on the beautiful, hand-carved carousel in Coolidge Park.  Barbara's mount was called "Tommy," but she re-christened it "Julie."
My nameless mount got christened "Brandy," of course--what else?
"The Pride of Tennessee" didn't get ridden this time, but (except for the padded shoes) this one always makes me think of Angel.

Finally it was time to head home and fix supper, so it was time for Barbara and me to quit horsing around!


  1. I'm sorry I missed the fun! Brandy looks like fun to ride! I have only had the pleasure of riding Angel! :) J needs to "put his shoulders back" haha. Glad he got to enjoy a ride on one of the big girls though. It is always exciting to graduate from the ponies! Do the girls have something around their eyes? It looks almost purple to me!

    1. They're wearing SWAT, Sarah, to keep the flies off. Sharp eyes! (Sorry, I just found out that Google quit letting me know about comments!)

  2. It was so much fun, Susan! Thanks for the ride and the pics!

    1. It was fun for me and the horses, too!


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