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Friday, April 11, 2014

Taste and See

Today Mrs. Tiggywinkle (Tiggy, for short) embarked on her second day of life.  Mama Ebony started her day out with a good breakfast . . .

. . . while Tiggy decided to see the wide world.  I'll let Tiggy tell her own story . . .

I like to see things.  I like to taste them, too.

Here's Mama's hay.

Mmm, maybe some day.
Thanks for dumping your breakfast on my head, Mama.
Hmph!  I'll just go somewhere else.

Here's Mama's tail.

Mmm, maybe not!

There's some grass.

Maybe when I'm a little bigger.

How about the water tank?

Nope, too high, and it's cold.  Brrr.

Mama's eating alfalfa.

Probably not.

How about the molasses-water bucket?

Bummer!  It's empty, but it sure smells good.
Old straw?

Nope, don't think so.

Mama's pee!  Milk from Mama tastes good, maybe this does, too.




There's got to be something yummy around here somewhere.

I'll just go look for it.

I know it's here somewhere!

Ahh, there it is!  Thank you, Mama!


  1. He sure is cute and very talkative.

    1. :) She gets it from her mom. I had never heard Ebony moo until the calf was born, and she keeps doing the "mama moo," but hers sounds almost like a groan. She does it tons more than Siobhan did. So obviously baby got the talkative gene from mama!

  2. Her persistence paid off!

  3. To Funny. Some day we hope to have one to. But for now we are still just building away to get ready for them. Hope all is well.
    Mark & Bev

    1. Mark & Bev, you are SO smart to get your infrastructure built first! We were lucky in that our place already had two fenced pastures when we bought it, plus a barn and a separate barn for hay. But we've learned as we've progressed that we wanted and needed lots more! You'll get to the animals, all in good time. I applaud your foresight!

  4. How is that you keep getting heifers? You are certainly lucky.

    1. I don't know! I'd say it's something in the soil, but this one was bred in KY! We still could get a steer for the next one . . . And I'm guessing next year, with a young bull we will likely have some bull calves. :)

  5. What a little cutie-pie! I just love baby animals! :)

    1. She is a cutie, isn't she? You're right, babies are so adorable. Wouldn't it be nice if we could feed them something to keep them cute and cuddly?


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