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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mastitis Update

This morning was 24 hours after putting the weaning ring in Siobhan.  I expected to find her quarter fuller, but it wasn't.  I was only able to milk out a tiny amount.

That's all I got after using hot compresses (with tea tree, eucalyptus, thyme and lavender oils in the water) and kneading her knot for over 30 minutes.  When she got restless, I stopped.  Since I have to do this again today, I don't want it to become a source of frustration for her.  Not once did she stomp or try to kick or act as if she was in pain at all, even with me kneading and stripping the knot firmly.  It seems slightly softer today, and I'm encouraged that the clots are smaller.  But I would sure love to get that knot to go away!

You can see in the photo above that there aren't too many clots.  This is about the size of them.  I'm eagerly waiting for my "goodies" to arrive:  the CMT kit, the Dynamint, the test kit from TQML, and the Tomorrow.

I do foresee a problem getting enough milk for a sample for TQML.  They need half a test tube, and I doubt what I'm getting would fill a fourth.  It's also impossible to direct the tiny trickle or few drops I get at a time, so I have no idea how I'm going to get the milk into the tube . . .

One ray of sunshine is that my dear, funny Siobhan has learned to use her weaning ring to scratch herself where it itches.  Talk about making lemonade!  This girl is so sweet and patient and dear that it is worth every effort to break her of self-sucking and keep her around!

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