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Monday, February 3, 2014

Like Mama, Like Baby

Siobhan, almost 2 months old, galloping around and around the barnyard in December 2010.

Her daughter Macree, 6 months old, galloping around and around the barnyard in January 2014.  Like mama, like baby, makes me smile.


  1. At any one time we have 3-5 generations of cows on our farm now since we've had our own dairy since 1995.It;s amazing how much they not only look alike but also act alike. Our first cow Kiki died at age 14 and its wonderful to see her babies babies running around. Nice photos!

    1. Thanks, Donna! I see so many similarities between Siobhan and Macree. It will be interesting when we breed our new very nice dairy-lines Dexter bull to Siobhan, if their offspring are so much like Macree. And when we breed him to Macree . . .

      So glad you have Kiki's babies to remember her by!

  2. Makes me smile as well--cute!


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