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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Welcome Home!

I was gone to Virginia for 8 days, and when I got home, Misty was the first one to greet me.  (Herb wasn't home yet and didn't witness the welcome he was going to have to live up to.)

The photo was taken after Misty's welcome routine because I couldn't possibly have used a camera while it was going on.  She whirled, she twirled, she leaped.  She did all of this while spinning in circles around me, moaning deep in her chest.  Now THAT was a welcome!
Hero showed how glad he was to have me home by wrestling with Misty to show off.

I knew what they both meant!

The chickens and ducks came running to meet me at the barnyard gate.

Sterling sat and purred at me and actually let Rascal eat first.

 The ducks aren't demonstrative, but I had to get this guy's photo in while he looks nice.  The ducks were molting when I left (that's NOT a pillow fight you see behind him!), and now they're bright white . . . for a while.
As soon as everyone down below heard the Doodad, they all headed out to greet me.  Now that's a welcoming committee.

After everyone got treats, I walked over to check the water.  Siobhan followed closely, hoping for more treats.

Have you ever wondered how a cow begs?  This is how!

Julie is below Angel & Brandy on the totem pole, so she got chased off.

She took her revenge out on Ebony and Boudin by chasing them away.  (Animals have never heard of the Golden Rule.)

I had to smile at this view of Siobhan and Julie, front and rear.  I do believe they're every bit as big as Angel & Brandy, just more spread out!

Ebony has a bit of spread, too, although I think most of it is winter coat.

Jet was missing from my "Welcome Home" because he was boarding at the vet's, and I got home too late to get him that night.

The next morning I brought Jet back home, and he was "welcomed" by Bonnie and Hero.  It was a game, BUT Jet was definitely the underdog!  I much prefer the welcome I got!

No matter how far I roam or how much fun I have, it's always good to come home!

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