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Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodbye, Rambo and Obaama

Last Tuesday we moved the trailer into the Home Pasture with the sheep.  (Technically, they're still lambs under 18 months old.)

I put a feed tub in the trailer and sprinkled some feed on the ramp.  Rambo was quite curious while Obaama was more cautious.

Rambo figured out a way to reach the feed without having to go up the ramp.

It didn't take Obaama long to brave the ramp and get his share of the feed.  It took about five minutes for them to adjust to the idea of getting fed in the trailer.  Later on, long after the feed was gone, one of them was all the way in the trailer still looking for more.
By Friday we knew we could get both sheep all the way in the trailer, so we called Triple H Meats to tell them we were coming up.  As ever, Rambo was the tough, brave one.

Obaama was still shy--he hasn't changed from the day Matt had to drag him out of his truck!  Well, he has gotten a lot bigger!

I think Misty knew something was up.  She's already seen her charges (pigs, in this case) disappear into the trailer in the pasture and never come back.  I'm sure she has no idea what's actually happening, but you can tell from her face that she knows this is goodbye.

Herb gave Rambo and Obaama a nice, smooth ride up the mountain and backed skillfully up to drop them off.  At that point they both decided they wanted to stay in the trailer, and it was all Herb could do to wrestle Rambo off while Corey and I held metal roof panels up along the side of the ramp to prevent a prison break.  Once Rambo got off the trailer, Obaama was right behind him.  We left them there looking fairly calm and relaxed.  Rambo had the last word:  "Bleah!"

I talked to the butcher today about setting aside some meat for sausages, and he said, "Those are really fine sheep!  Do you have any more?"  So Rambo and Obaama, you may not have made us love raising sheep, but you made a good impression on the butcher!  And I'll definitely miss your photogenic qualities out in the pasture!


  1. I love that sheep/duck photo! Can you do a post on how the lamb looks and cooks?

    1. Thanks, Brent! I'm sad to say that poor Ping the duck died a couple months ago, probably trampled while the stupid sheep were fighting our leased bull for his feed. :( But at least she had a good life, better than living in the bathtub of the lady who bought her from Tractor Supply!

      That's a great idea for a post! I'll definitely get some photos and do a review of the lamb. We're going to have some made into sausages by a local business, another first for us.


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