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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Milk of Bovine Kindness

This is a tribute to the three lovely ladies with whom I started my morning:

My daughter Kara who made the coffee first and then helped me milk so I could get done in time for church.  She's moving to Chattanooga soon, and I'm going to miss her in so many ways!  This is just one of them.

Our heifer Macree, without whom there would be no milk!

And my girl Siobhan.  Recently I thought of the expression "the milk of human kindness," and it occurred to me that it is a complete misnomer.  It should be "the milk of bovine kindness!"  It is by Siobhan's kindness that milk which was meant for Macree ends up in our fridge.  Every time we benefit from Siobhan's generosity, I am humbled and thankful--and marvel anew at the Creator Who made cows able and willing share their "milk of bovine kindness" with us humans.

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