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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sweetness and Light

There is actually a theme to my seemingly random photos:  Sweetness and light.  First the light . . .

Macree steps into the spotlight.

The puppies plop down for a nap right in the middle of a sun spot.

This is the sweetness.  Charis and Kol are proud of the Lincoln Log cabin they built with Dada.

This was the basement, pre-sweetness.  Olivia, the last of the Triplets, has recently gone to her forever home in Texas, so the basement was finally cleansed of almost two years' worth of hair, dander and odor.  We hired a haz-mat firm to do it because it was so bad it gave me an asthma attack just to take someone down for the estimate.
This is sweetness.  No more dander or odor, just a clean smell and a fresh coat of paint.

Exercise equipment back where it belongs, now that the dogs are gone.  Now I can actually go down and use it!

More potential sweetness--there's room for a 4' x 8' train table!  It's time to get out that old Lionel train and see if we can get it to run.  I'm not going to mention it to the kids unless the train works, but if it does it will be so sweet it will light up their eyes!

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  1. Yea, your basement looks lovely!!


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