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Monday, September 23, 2013

Ignoring the Call of the Wild

I was having coffee on the back porch the other morning when I heard turkey noises coming from out where our turkeys shouldn't be, so I walked over to the fence to look.

This is what I saw.  (I had the camera handy as I often do while eating breakfast outside.)

I grabbed a telephoto lens to get a closer look.  This flock of wild turkeys was strolling down through Kara's Pasture next to the Home Pasture where our two turkeys are.  They sort of flowed through the fence into the Lower Pasture, not in a hurry at all, calling something friendly-sounding that I think meant, "Oh playmates, come out and play with us."

They kept calling as they went across the pasture, down into the creek, and disappeared into the woods.

Our turkeys were busy grazing, not even looking or paying attention to their wild cousins.  So much for the "call of the wild!"


  1. Great title! That's really neat to see them so close! Barbara

    1. It was fun seeing them so close and hearing them, too. They make a very pretty sound. I was listening to our turkeys this morning, and they were almost warbling something like "tink, tink, churrrr." Very pretty! I'll miss them. :(


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