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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wherein Jet Gets a Bath and Bonnie Gets a Nickname

A bath was not Jet's top idea of a fun day.
He took it well, though, and came out clean and soggy.
Time for a towelly snuggle with mama--now THAT makes his top ten list!
I had already commented how much like a cat Bonnie looks when she stalks Jet, and she acted even more like a cat when Kara brought her near the sink full of water.  She literally climbed up Kara and tried to go over her back on the other side!
"Please let me out of here!"

When it came time to rinse, she tried crawling over the side of the sink.
But the cuddle time made it all worthwhile.
We took the slightly damp puppies outside to finish drying in the sunshine, and Jet just had to know, "Is that still you, Bonnie?"

Baths seem to have wiped the puppies out as much as a walk to the mailbox did.  Bonnie fell asleep on Kara's lap but decided that wasn't where she belonged--and she crawled right up Kara to nestle down across her shoulders.

That's when I nicknamed her Bonnie the Puppy-Cat!


  1. Loving Jet's and Bonnie's Adventures!! Keep 'em coming!!

    1. I will, Karen. I'm glad you enjoy keeping up with them. Speaking of which, they keep us hopping--and howling! Jet has started doing a whirling dervish thing around Bonnie. He literally leaps straight into the air and whirls 180°, landing on the other side of her facing the opposite direction from when he started out. It's absolutely hysterical!


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