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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Recipe for Old-Fashioned Summer Fun

This is a time-honored way to have fun on the farm in the summertime. Here's the recipe: Take two children, place in a tank of warmish water, add a hose, four measuring cups, and a puppy or two. Mix together and see what happens!

At first the kids weren't sure what to do.  Bonnie thought it looked like fun.

Then Didi added a hose and some cold water, and that broke the ice!
It's too funny when your little brother gets cold water down his back.
They were bailing as if their lives depended on it.

The more splashes, the more fun it is.

Jet wasn't too sure . . .

... and then he was sure--no splashing for Jet!

Falling down on purpose is fun, too.  I didn't catch the big grin a second later, but trust me, it's fun!

Fifty-five years ago my sister Barbara and I had a ball doing this, and it's still great fun!

Watching the kids fling water to the winds is a great way to spend a summer afternoon!


  1. Looks like the last fling (literally of the water) before the end of summer!

    1. Ha! ha! I love your pun, Barbara! I should get you to write my post titles! Want a job???

  2. Looks like a wonderful time! What a great way to beat the heat! :)

    1. So far this year it's almost been too cold to have done this; it was nice that our "heat wave" (about 90°) corresponded with their visit. I wonder what this would look like to someone in the Japanese culture? Crazy, probably!


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