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Sunday, June 9, 2013

We Love Our Dexters

We really love our Dexters, especially Siobhan and her little Macree who was four days old today.  But before I show you the photos, I have to issue a warning:

Don't try the stunt in the following pictures with just any cow and newborn calf.  These cattle are specially bred to be gentle--they're Dexters!

Herb and I went out to check on Macree, and I sat down and started petting her.

Siobhan strolled over to see what we were doing.

Look at this fierce mother!  After I greeted Siobhan, Macree got up and they walked a little way away so Macree could nurse.

You might be able to tell from this photo that Macree's head is pulled back a bit and she isn't actually nursing.  That's because I caught her in the process of giving Siobhan a hard head-butt, which is Calf for "Give with the milk, Mama!"

She definitely got Siobhan's attention!  Siobhan apparently didn't let the milk down fast enough, because Macree butted her hard about five or six times.  Eventually she got what she wanted.

After eating on one side, Macree needed a minute to think things over.

Time for the second side.  I moved up closer to get some photos without so much grass in the way, and I could see Macree's tail wagging back and forth in pleasure.

After dinner, Siobhan licked Macree's umbilical cord.  It amazes me to see what a careful, attentive mother she is--and she's learned it all in four days with no one to teach her.  The maternal instinct God created in a cow is beautiful to see!

Siobhan strolled off down the hill, and Macree went bounding along at her side with her tail sticking straight up in the air.

They really seem to enjoy making a circuit around the pasture on the path first made by the pigs and the sheep.

Hero, forbidden the pasture when we went in through the gate, figured out his own way to see Macree and came trotting after her and Siobhan.

Siobhan turned her gaze to face Hero down, and when he stopped, she led Macree away with that flag-pole tail flying high.

That's a good mother on the job, leading her care-free calf bouncing happily along.  This sight warms our hearts!  Like I said, we love our Dexters!


  1. She is sooo cute with that little tail in the air!

    1. It's a good thing she does that or we'd never be able to find her! By the way, Barbara, you better speak to your daughter. She and Jenny are making evil threats (isn't that a crime?) to roast Macree and eat her adorable tail! I've threatened to sic Sara on them! LOL!

  2. Baby calf's are sooo cute, Siobhan really trust you to let you get that close to her little one. Will you keep this calf for breeding? Or will you sell or it this one?

    1. Gordon, we won't eat this one! If she tests homozygous A2, we'll keep her for a future milk cow. If not we'll probably sell her, although it will be hard! Yes, Siobhan does trust us--we've worked hard on that!


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