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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Trailer-Load of Cash

(Advisory:  This isn't a post to read to young kids.  We live on a farm, and farms are all about breeding.  I'm just saying.)

Today I drove up to Philadelphia and back with my friend Julia and came home with a trailer-load of Cash!

And that's the honest truth!

We drove up to Philadelphia, Tennessee, and came back with a roughly 1,000 lb. load of Cash in the trailer, FF Lil' Christmas Cash, that is.  Cash is Macree's daddy, and he's back to make a sibling for her with Siobhan.  (Well, if you insisted on reading this to your children, that's how I'd put it.)

In farming terms, Cash is back to breed Siobhan again for another really nice Dexter calf next year.  It looks like we may have just missed her calving heat, so we'll wait and see what happens in 21 days . . .

Cash loads and trailers beautifully!  His owners said he knows what a trailer ride means.  :)  That made me smile!  When we got here, he turned around easily and got out readily and walked right into the pasture with me.  He immediately began sniffing around, after he'd a nice scratch against the chicken tractor, that is.  I knew Siobhan would be at the bottom of the hill in the shady grove, so I headed down calling her.

When Cash saw Siobhan, he raced down the hill toward her.  She and Macree ran away into the trees, but almost immediately, Siobhan turned around and ran up to Cash.  She was quite happy to see him, sniffing his tail end just like a dog!  Cash obviously had an itch to scratch, but not the one you might think I mean.  He found a nice pine tree in the shade grove and had a good long scratch while Siobhan sniffed away, apparently asking, "Is it you, my love?  Is it really you?  After all this time!  I thought I'd never see you again!"

It made me wonder if cows have the same kind of memory horses do.  I could swear Siobhan remembered him.  She sure bellowed for him for days when she got home from his place last year!

Here's a photo of the happy family, temporarily reunited.

That's Cash in the background, and yes, he's shorter than Siobhan.  And yes, obviously it works just fine that way.  In fact, the only type of Dexter you can breed to a short-legged bull is a long-legged cow.  And I'm pretty sure Macree is long-legged, too.  She's the mirror image of her mama right down to the tilt of her ears, her dished face, and the side her tail is swishing on.

We'd gladly take another one just like her next year!  Did you hear that, Cash?  That's what you're here for!

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