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Thursday, April 18, 2013

From One Day to the Next

(NOTE:  I'm about a week behind with a lot to share, so please bear with me!)

On April 11 we had a torrential rain, 1.6" in a couple hours.  The next day we had sunshine and blue sky.  Here are the photos, out back and in front.

This photo doesn't exactly correspond to the first one because I took the first photo from the relative shelter of the back porch, but you can see the three pines and the line of trees across the back of the property to compare.  What you can't see in the first photo is Lookout Mountain!

The rain always comes in from the west (out back) so the difference is less extreme out front, but I love the glowing light in the sunny photo.  That fluorescent green is all natural light--no photoshopping!

Another sunny moment on April 12 was seeing proud big sister Charis holding little Eden . . .

. . . and catching delighted big brother Kol zooming in to kiss his baby sister.

From her birthday on the 10th to these kisses on the 12th isn't quite "from one day to the next," but it's amazing how much Eden has changed in two days.

What a blessing to witness all these transformations:  spring, babies and siblings!


  1. Charis & Kol are so sweet! You can just see that they're SOOO happy with Eden. :)

    1. They are! I babysat last night (although Eden got to go with Daddy and Mama on their date night), and I was holding Eden before they left. Kol came up and patted her, and she smiled. It was so precious!


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