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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sunset and Mist

Last night Charis & Kol spent their very first night with us sans Dada and Mama.  After dinner we sat down to let them watch the Dora video Mama had promised them for taking good naps.  But something else was claiming our attention--God's beautiful creation right outside the back door.  We all enjoyed the display, but I had to get out on the back porch, crouching to get the right view.  We'd had a tropical-force rainstorm drop 0.8" of rain in a short time, and I wasn't ready to venture out to the pasture fence in my slippers.

I shot over 20 photos in 20 minutes, but I edited down to the six best.  I'll put the time in the captions so you can see how the gorgeous light show evolved.

First a gentle mist began creeping across the back pasture . . .

. . . and filling the valley just as the setting sun began to glow through the mist.

Then the sky turned blue, peach, yellow and lavender, but when I aimed my camera at the mist, the sky faded out.

When I aimed my camera at the sky, the valley disappeared into darkness.

Finally toward the end, trying different settings, I was almost satisfied with the results, although here the mist looked better . . .

. . . and here the sunset looked better.  If only I could combine these last two pictures, I'd have the perfect one!

This is one of the most spectacular sunsets we've seen in a while.  I think our valley was showing off for the kids!


  1. You live in paradise Susan, that's what people in the city are missing, that and a whole lot of other things like seeing stars at night and no traffic jams and peace and tranquility. I envy you and have to live my time now vicariously through your blog. Not to long in the future I too will have these things.

  2. Thanks, Gordon, that is such a nice comment! Paradise it is! I'm thankful every time I look outside and see something beautiful or new! I'm glad you're enjoying the beauty vicariously, but I do understand your longing to be doing it firsthand on your own farm. I look forward to your posts as you begin to experience country life for yourselves!

  3. What a beautiful twenty minutes. Amazing how the view changed so much in such a short time. A memorable evening to share with the grandkids!


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