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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Turkey Trot

You've probably heard of having a Turkey Walk on Thanksgiving as a fundraiser for some charity.  We had our own version called "The Turkey Trot," although it mainly involved running.  I looked out on Thanksgiving afternoon while the turkey was still in the oven and saw the horses running all over the Back Pasture.

First one way . . .

. . .then the other way.

Back and forth, back and forth till Herb decided they must be hungry and walked out to switch them into a different pasture.

Then someone else started running, too, and I realized why the horses were running--because of the deer.  She was scared by all the hunters in the hunting preserve, poor thing, and not realizing that Herb already had his dinner in the oven, she took off running in the other direction.  We didn't see her finally escape, but we knew when she ran past because Sara and Siobhan came running over to check out the doe.  (They did their running out of camera range, so they don't get a photo in this post.)

The next one to start running was Hero, realizing he was missing out on lots of fun.  If the deer hadn't had such a big head start on him, I think he might have given her a run for her money.  Instead he just ran to be with his Daddy.

I don't know where Misty and Tai were, but Zephyr just stood on the back porch thinking something like this:  "That looks too much like work to me!"

After all the excitement, the horses settled down for Thanksgiving dinner . . .

. . .and it wasn't long before we followed their lead.  Jenny & Jean-Marc were here with us, but by the time we were ready to eat, I was too busy putting dinner together.  Thanks for catching Kara sneaking up on the turkey, Jenny!

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