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Saturday, November 10, 2012

2 Pigs + 1 Trailer = ????

Wednesday Herb moved the horse trailer into the Home Pasture with the pigs.  They need to get used to being fed in it so we can get them in there easily on Monday.  Last year it took 4 and 8 several days to warm up to the trailer so we knew we couldn't delay any longer if the pigs were to keep their date with Jeff.

Step One:  Feed pigs to keep them away from the gate.  Hero and the girls greet each other.

The girls are ALWAYS ready for food.  They grunt excitedly and start salivating as soon as they see signs of food coming.

Step Two:  Drive the trailer into the field while the pigs are busy eating.

Ping has gotten quite used to the pigs and they to her.  She figures she might find something good.

Feather butt, lard butt, lard butt.

Step Three:  Unhitch the trailer and drive the truck out of the pasture while the pigs are busy eating.

Step Four:  Reassure the pigs that there's nothing scary about the trailer.

Haven't you heard the old adage, girl?

Curiosity killed the pig!
Spamela Anderson gets a good scratch behind the ears.

Hammy Faye Bakker gets a back rub.

Step Five:  Go get food to put in the trailer to tempt the girls to go in.  Wait a minute!  They're not even waiting for food!

Maybe it's a good thing that Herb forgot he said he was going to clean the trailer after bringing Siobhan home.  The girls seem quite interested in the empty food bowl, leftover hay and cow manure.  Ewww!

I think these clever piggies have a plan of their own.  It's called "I'm too cute to kill."  Hammy Faye Bakker demonstrates the steps . . .

Step One:  Smile!
Step Two:  Kissy-poo.
Step Three:  Grin!
Step Four:  Say Ahhh!
Step Five:  How about a profile?
I hate to say it, girls, but I think our plan is working better than yours.  We admit you are darn cute and very nice, but--  Enjoy that nice, fresh hay while you can!


  1. Hey, I never realized pigs could smile--so cute! They do look like happy pigs, as you have said.

  2. They are cute, aren't they? So hard to make that trip with them! I sent a link to the family that owns Hammy Faye, and one of the girls said, "I think maybe the pigs are winning." I told her that she may be a softie, but we're hard-hearted farmers! NOT! But they'll still take that trip. :(


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