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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm off of coumadin, I've worked the horses in the round pen to remind them of their training in case they forgot it over the last ten and a half months, and it's beautiful fall weather!

Brandy seems to remember everything I taught her, although I kept her in the round pen just in case (since there was no one else at home).

Julie had a work-out, too, but not with me in the saddle.  She seems to have retained the natural training I gave her in the spring, so Charis and Kol can be back in the saddle next time they're over.
Herb came home in time for me to take Angel out on our road.  Boy, does her flat walk feel great after such a hiatus!  It's great to be back in the saddle again!


  1. Photos and post made me smile--so happy for you! "Happy Trails" as Roy would say. . . mmmm, just made a typo and noticed that trials becomes trails when my fingers don't slip on the keyboard!

  2. Thanks, Barbara. One thing about being back in the saddle again is knowing when to get out!! I rode (should say tried to ride) Angel in the field next to the other animals yesterday, and Brandy, Julie, T-Bone and Siobhan all started bucking and galloping and racing back and forth. Poor Angel was jumping out of her skin! I just turned her in a tight circle till they all paused at the same time--and then I got OUT of the saddle! I can't jump out as quick as I used to, and I figured I'd rather get down on my own terms. :D Next time I ride, Brandy and Julie have to go in the stalls. They're the ones that started the rodeo-race, and I'm not giving them another chance.

  3. All please post that I am unable to send photos of progress. I do not know if it is satilight dish or what. just want all to know we are ok. did not make it in time for winter we have 7 plus inches holding 40% working as fast as i can to get insulation in. Made run this morning for a pallet. will instaLL TOMORROW. we are holding our own. Wiull keep in touch but can not update website so letting you know please pass on. We have solor power system in house but can not install!!! Generater I will work on next god help us if I do not get hooked up before we go dowm. Say a pryer for us i heve decided insulation is more inportant than power.
    Mark & Bev


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