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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Queen of All She Surveys

As I was finishing fixing dinner about 7:30 this evening, I looked out the window and saw Misty out in Kara's pasture.  She had followed Herb through the gate when he drove the garbage down to the garbage shed, but she didn't follow him back up to the house.  Instead she sat on the hill and surveyed her domain.  I don't know how long she'd been there when I noticed her, but she sat in splendid dignity for about ten minutes longer.  Little did she know that we smiled on her from our vantage point and exclaimed to each other, "What a good dog she is!"  The Queen takes her responsibilities very seriously!


  1. Yes, she does, Brent! And to be fair to Hero and Zephyr, they do their part, too. Last night about 10:30, Hero went berserk, barking and running to the door with Zephyr right behind. I let them out, and they ran off, but kept barking between the barnyard and the Home Pasture. Misty, of course, set up her thunderous barking in the barnyard. Since they didn't settle down, I went out with a flashlight (Herb was already in bed) and followed them. We ended up going all the way down the hill past the Lower Pasture (checking to be sure no one was stealing the horses again) and all the way out to the Back Pasture. Finally Hero and Zephyr were satisfied and settled down, and so did Misty. I guess they chased off whatever it was--probably gave it a heart attack! They make a good Security Team!


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