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Friday, September 14, 2012

A Fan Visit for Hammy Faye and Spamela Anderson

Hammy Faye Bakker and Spamela Anderson had company today!  Andrea, a daughter of the family that bought Hammy Faye, came to meet the girls for the first time.  She and her sister have been sending vegetable scraps and, lately, acorns for the pigs.  Today she took me up on my suggestion to meet Hammy Faye before they pick her up at the butcher!  The girls (the porcine ones!) were eager for the acorns Herb had to offer and happy to accept back scratching from Andrea and me.

They showed off a little bit as youngsters often do in front of company.  Hammy Faye demonstrated how they drink from their water tank.

Then Spamela collapsed in the pool and demonstrated how much they enjoy their spa.

When Hammy Faye tried to join her in the pool, Spamela demonstrated what it means to "hog something" all to herself!  So Hammy Faye soaked in the mud puddle they've made.

She looked so happy when she got up and came over for another scratch, proving my point that the pigs only smell of nice, clean earth.

It's not always that you can count on your kids to show off nicely for company.  Thank you, girls!  And thanks for visiting, Andrea!


  1. Thanks, Donna! I must confess I purloined Spamela Anderson from the internet, but I thought up Hammy Faye Bakker all on my own. I almost went with Hammy Swinette, but those long eyelashes showing up so much against the circles around the pigs' eyes made me think of Tammy Faye Bakker! Our pigs don't cry, though--they're always cheerful and happy! :D

  2. Cute pics and cute post!

  3. Cute, when do they go fulfill their destiny ?

  4. A happy pig is a good tasting pig:)

  5. Thanks, Barbara! I hope you used this post to teach your kids to be careful with their grammatical subjects! I see that I left open the possibility that "the girls" who enjoyed the acorns were Andrea & her sister! Sorry to all four of the girls, both human and porcine! :D

    Anonymous, probably early November if it looks like they've gotten to 300 or 325 lbs. like their predecessors.

    You are so right, Gordon! Someone who tasted our previous ham said, "This ham is from a happy pig!" :)


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