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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Like" Button

Looking through my recent photos, I realized iPhoto's "flag" button is just like Facebook's "Like" button.  Here's what I "like":

The whole family together for the first time in 4 years!  (Sorry, Jim, Monique, Charis & Kol--Can you believe Mimi forgot to take a WHOLE group photo?)

A machine-loving, motor-phile, All Boy toddler star-struck by a mini tractor ride from Aunt Kara.

A dainty, feminine, All Girl three year old enjoying her ride, too!

A princess wearing her home-made crown.
A prince wearing his Pier One crown.  (Now WHERE is the Royal Peanut-Butter-Wiper-Offer?)
Kiddos watching a summer rain storm from the safety of Aunt Kara's arms.


Mimi:  "Charis, do you know what thunder means?"

Charis:  "No."

Mimi:  "It's God saying, 'You need to come play inside.'"

Charis:  (Silence for digesting this information.)
"What does lightning mean?"

Mimi: (Quick thinking.)
"It's God saying, 'It's time to come inside right now!'"
Kids watching Misty watching the rain after the lightning spoke and they obeyed.

Making friends.
Patriotic sky.

Ping being brave enough to go steal a tomato from the pigs.

A pig in hog heaven.

Webbed feet.
Tête à tête.  (On second thought, she wouldn't be that cosy if she was bred.  "Unlike!")

Expectant mama enjoying a corn stalk.  (Too bad I can't show the action:  She slurped it up like a piece of spaghetti!)
Hay piling up in the barn and room for more to come.
Duh!  G.R.E.E.N!

Misty holding Zephyr back from barking.

Zephyr has many "Rules," and things that break them get barked at.

Misty has ONE Rule:  "I do the barking around here!"
Misty obeying "Sit!"

Siobhan playing House.

"Mooo!"  Until Nikon comes up with a way to snap a photo of a sound (I know, it's called "video"), this will have to do.

A pig getting to the root of the problem!

You may click "Unlike" for bad puns!  :D

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