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Monday, July 2, 2012

Super Dog Zephyr!

 This morning Zephyr went to the front door on alert, letting me know something was happening outside.  When I looked, I saw the swallow parents flitting frantically back and forth under the porch.  Three of their babies were on the ground under the nest; one was about 10 feet away.  All of them were dead except one.
I picked up the lone survivor before one of the cats appeared.  Then I got a step ladder--and of course my camera!

I put the baby back in the nest with its one remaining sibling and skedaddled away, hoping the parents would return.

Here is Zephyr, all proud of herself because I told her what a good dog she is!  I made Hero stay in the house, but she came out with me.  She didn't attempt to go near the baby swallow, having done her job by getting me.

When I looked later to see what was happening, I saw why the babies fell.  Zephyr's and mine was moving around back in the shadow of the nest, but the other one was teetering on the edge of the nest, clamoring for food.  I'm not sure why the parents aren't bringing any bugs because they are certainly zooming around outside as if they were catching them.  I just hope they come back and feed these babies quick, quick, quick before they both fall.

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