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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Hair-Do's--and Don'ts!

Misty got her summer hair-do--her coat thinned with a shedding comb.  She can't be shaved for the summer because of her pink skin being prone to skin cancer if she was out in the sun with her hair shaved off.  So thinning it is the best way to keep her more comfortable.

One piece of advice:  Don't do this job wearing long pants or you'll end up with hairy legs like me!

The birds now have a nice supply of soft dog hair to line their nests with.
Because she spends a lot of time indoors, Zephyr gets a summer hair-cut.  She loves having it short and feels very perky without all that extra weight of hair.

Another piece of advice:  Don't let her play with the plumbers.  As they threw muddy water out of a hole, Zephyr kept jumping into the water and ended up wearing the mud.  Oh, well, at least she can't carry as much mud around as she did with all that long hair!

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