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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Joyful Celebration

Almost 5 years ago our church sponsored a Burundian family who had suffered great tragedy and loss during the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, followed by 11 years spent in a refugee camp.  They arrived in Chattanooga in September 2007 to begin new lives.

This past Sunday we celebrated the beginning of another new life with the engagement of Yvette, eldest daughter, to Eduard, a Burundian living in Texas.  They had known each other in the African refugee camp, but had never spoken.  What a romantic sequel!  Who can doubt God's hand in it?

After a formal ceremony at church, over 30 friends and family gathered at our home for a celebratory cookout.  We sang in Swahili . . . blessed the food in English . . . and conversed in a mixture of Kirundi, Swahili, French and English.  We ate African-style chicken and "manioc leaves" (greens cooked with palm oil and peanut butter) alongside grilled pork chops, corn on the cob, and cole slaw.

Yvette was radiant, embraced by her delighted fiancĂ©.  What a testimony this young couple is to all that is good and hopeful in a world so often riven by tragedy. What a testimony to the love of God and His care for His children!  May He continue to bless them as He has thus far.

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