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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Introducing a Flock of Distinguished Ladies

As I was thinking about names for our new pullets/future laying hens, I seemed to come up with names of distinguished women. So here they are:

This Ameraucana is Amelia Egghart.

Amelia earned her name by being the most adventurous of the group, often flying up on top of the waterer and performing (almost aerial) acrobatics.

Meet Temple Grayhen, named for Temple Grandin, an amazing woman who has made a tremendous impact on the humane treatment of animals intended for the food supply, as well as being probably the first spokesperson for autistic people.  As Kara says, she's probably the only one of all my ladies who would actually feel honored to have a chicken named after her!  Temple is a Light Brahma.

This is Meryl Cheep.  If another Welsumer turns out to be a pullet, she will be Golda Layer.

The lovely Black Australorp above and the one below look very much alike unless I can see the white wing feathers of Oprah Wingfry.  Then I know that her sister is Whoopi Goldbird.

And last, but not least, my favorite chicken, an Ameraucana who received my favorite name, Margaret Hatcher. She's certainly very distinguished, and I guess she is kind of an Iron (Gray) Lady!

I expect some very exceptional egg-laying from such a list of celebrities.  And let me extend an invitation to any of the original celebrities here celebrated:

If you would like to drop by, we'll be glad to fix you a home-cured bacon breakfast with eggs laid by your namesake!  :)  Just give me a couple hours' warning!

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  1. Herb just told me he'd like to get some more chickens. So we might still end up with Hilary Chicken, Barbara Push, and Mae Nest. I might even need some more names, so feel free to twist your favorite celebrity's name into a chicken name!


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