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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eat Your Heart Out, DR!

I'm wondering why we spent the money to buy a wood-chipping attachment for our DR brush-hog.

Misty strolled down to the Lower Pasture this morning, picked something up, and strolled all the way up to the back porch carrying it in her mouth.  Her treasure was a fat corncob-sized stick which she proceeded to chew into mulch (at right).  Then she wandered off and brought back this branch and began to turn it into mulch.

I'm just wondering why we bothered with the DR?  It's true, as Herb says, that Misty is slow at mulching.  But she's also much more environmentally friendly, she actually fetches branches to mulch, she's quiet (apart from some thunderous barking), and she guards our animals when she's not busy mulching.  Not to mention, for all the DR's nice bright paint job, Misty is far more fun--and WAY more affectionate!

So eat your heart out, DR!

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