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Monday, February 13, 2012

Come On In, the Water's Fine!

By the 10th of February, we had 1.3" of rain for the month and a total of 8.4" for the year, 2" over normal for our region.  (I blush as I write this, thinking of friends and family in West Texas and other drought-stricken areas.  Don't feel neglected, though--I'm sure we'll join you later this year!)

Combined with what weathermen are calling "June-uary" weather, things have been looking green and feeling spring-y.  Last Sunday Nature called, and I hopped on my trusty Kubota "go-kart" and ventured out into the sunny afternoon, accompanied by the dogs.

First, we went over to Kara's house to enjoy the view.  Down by the pond, as leaky as ever, the Valentine tree is blooming red.  (Some day I'll tell the story of why it's called the Valentine Tree.)

And Kara's pink tree is photogenic in the afternoon light.  (Anyone know what kind it is?)
The overflowing creek enticed us all down the hill.  Zephyr can never resist laying down in water (as long as it isn't over her head), but Misty was happy to just wade, and I was happy shooting about 200 photos from my Kubota-Kart.  You can see why . . .

Eventually we ended up over by the pond and the Valentine tree.  That aqua water was just too delicious to resist!

Misty reminded me of a mystical beast, maybe a unicorn, moving in stately grandeur through the moss-carpeted woods . . .

. . . ... until she became a very large puppy again and ran off playing with Zephyr.


  1. The dogs look like they are having so much fun! I can't get a good look at the flowers on Kara's tree but the bark looks like a cherry tree so maybe some kind of flowering cherry or even plum? Maybe this list of flowering trees would include yours:

  2. They were, Barbara, and I had just as much fun watching them (maybe more because I wasn't wet!)

    Thanks for the help on the tree. I do have a close-up of the blossoms that I'll try to use to identify it with.


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