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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bribes for Bacon

On their way here for a pre-Christmas visit, Jenny and Jean-Marc stopped to visit my sister and her family.  Jenny was telling them about our bacon and ham.  One nephew said he would love some and offered a bribe--a handmade Christmas wreath--in exchange for some bacon.  Another nephew and his wife raised that offer with chestnuts and squash.  My sister upped the ante with organic apples and frozen home-grown grapes for a grape pie.  She has an unfair advantage because she grew up with me and knows my favorite pie!

When Jenny and Jean-Marc arrived, she pulled out her camera to take pictures of me receiving the competing bribes.  Before you look at the pictures, I have to warn you:  If you look, I'll have to kill you! They are truly horrible pictures, but they are proof that I loved the bribes.

And if you want proof of my Solomonic wisdom, here it is:  I'll send the bacon back to my sister with instructions that they can't eat it till my married nephew and his wife are there for a visit.

You will also notice that I didn't blow these pictures up to the gigantic size I usually use.  More proof of my intelligence.

Although I suppose if I was really smart, I wouldn't have told this story at all, and you would never have had to risk your life being tempted to look at the pictures!


  1. Tant pis j'ai risqué ma vie....même pas peur je suis loin !
    Mais merci à toi de nous faire partager ce moment d'humour, d'amour et de joie.
    Joyeux Noël à vous tous.

  2. Ben, puisque c'est Noël, tu es épargnée, Kathleen! Joyeux Noël à vous tous! Gros, gros bisous!


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