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Monday, November 7, 2011

A Very Sad Day

Today was a VERY sad day for us as we took the pigs to their appointment at Triple H Meats.  We've been sad all week as the day drew nearer, but today we went about our chores with truly heavy hearts.

Here are a few pictures of 4's and 8's last few days.

On Thursday we moved the trailer into their pasture, giving them their dinner first so they wouldn't escape while the gate was open to let Herb drive the trailer in.  There are two feed bowls, but both pigs are always sure the other one is getting the best food!
 This picture is blurry, but I love it:  a pig with dinner on her face (because their heads always fill the feed bowls in anticipation of the food, which then has to be dumped on their heads), licking her chops and smacking in enjoyment of her food.

Both pigs run eagerly for the trailer to eat the acorns we dumped in there.  It seems like a mean trick to play such trusting creatures.

One of the pigs has finished in the trailer and comes running to greet me at the fence in case I have more goodies to eat.

These last few days were sunny and warm, not too cold at night--the perfect last days to end lives that have been spent in comfort, good food and loving care.

Calling them "4" and "8" instead of naming them didn't keep us from getting attached.  Who could NOT get attached to such friendly, personable pigs?

Saturday evening they had pecans that we picked up during a work day at Leahaven.  They ate them whole with great enjoyment!

A "sisterly" moment.

Kara has gotten fond of the pigs taking care of them while we were in Scotland and passing their pen every day to go to her house.  She felt the sadness all day today and went out for a fond farewell.

The pigs had the gentlest possible ride in the trailer with lots of good apples to eat, and they arrived at Triple H late in the afternoon.  By God's grace, 4 seemed to handle the ride much like a dog who enjoys the car, although 8 was somewhat traumatized.  They both responded to the offer of corn and followed Herb willingly up the ramp into their new pen for the night where we left them happily eating.  Jeff reassured us that he sees taking an animal's life as a grave responsibility, never done lightly, and that he will make sure the pigs are eating happily and will never know what happens.

Jeff thanked us for trusting our animals to him.  We feel so blessed to have found someone who has this view of kind and caring stewardship of the pigs which he applies to their deaths as we have applied it to their lives.

Goodbye, piggy dears!  We love you.  May your last night be a good one and may your end be with the dignity you deserve.  We will sorely miss your happy faces, flopping ears, and eager snorting as you gallop to meet us twice a day.  Sleep in peace.

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