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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yummy Carrots

The bounty of our garden seemed to point toward Korean food one night recently.  I made gochu-jang sauce for cucumbers, sautéed a bizarre little squash in sesame oil and garlic, and invented a Korean-style recipe for some baby carrots.

Korean-Style Carrots

1 pint baby carrots, cleaned
1 heaping tsp. grated ginger root, fresh or from a jar
several cloves of fresh garlic, minced or pressed
sesame oil

Using about 1/2 T. of sesame oil, sauté the ginger root and garlic till they begin to brown.  Add the baby carrots and sauté gently till coated in oil, ginger and garlic.  Add enough water to almost cover the carrots and heat until water begins to boil.  Reduce heat to keep carrots simmering briskly and cover pot.  Keep an eye on the carrots and cook until the water has been reduced to a few tablespoons of sauce in the bottom of the pan and carrots are just tender.  The carrots should look glazed, although there is no sugar in the recipe.  Remove from heat.  Serve hot, room temperature or cold, as desired. 

We all agreed that this carrot recipe is definitely a keeper!


  1. Sorry you didn't get to taste any while you were here. We still really don't have many tomatoes, just a few stunted ones and some that fell off while we were tying branches up, so we're trying to ripen them on the windowsill. You aren't missing much this summer!


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