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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Mistral Blows In

The very day Peekaboo left us, we left for a week in Denver for a family reunion-birthday party.  Since I got back, I didn't have much heart to post.  As Gayle said in a comment on my last post, so many animals gone in such a short time.  And despite all our precautions, mostly because of their silliness, we have lost two more chickens to the fox.  We've discussed many options for keeping our birds safe, and tomorrow will bring some changes, but a very big one--well, some day it will be a very big one!--happened today.

Zephyr Hill's Mistral (a huge, strong wind in the South of France) swept me off my feet and swooped in to take up residence as our future LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog).  Misty (because who wants a dog to know it is actually named after a tempestuous wind?) is a registered Great Pyrenees puppy from Golden Pond Farm near Atlanta.

She is six weeks old, already weaned, started on her shots, and ready for her new home--and this is it!

Here she is, in all her adorable fur-ball puppy-ness, thanks to Jenny's amazing photography!


  1. Ahhhh, she is so cute....BUT she does need a bath!!! ;-)

  2. What a gorgeous puff ball! Out here they call them a patou. It seems a small name for such an impressive dog.

  3. @Jenny, she got one--and now she needs another one. That's the life of a farm dog!
    @wobbly, I didn't know "patou." I've gotten in lots of trouble with words I didn't know! When we lived in France, our dog had puppies that we were giving away. A neighbor man stopped to see them. I asked him if he wanted a "chiot." He said no, he already had a "chien." So I said, "Prenez plutôt une chiotte pour votre chien." As everyone burst into laughter, another neighbor who spoke English told me what that word really meant, and I nearly died of embarrassment! Oh dear, les faux amis! I still think if a female chat is a chatte and a female chien is a chienne, a female chiot should be a chiotte!


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