Stories of life on our farm in Northwest Georgia where every day is an adventure in this beautiful spot that God has entrusted to our stewardship.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Funny Farm

Funny carrot.
Funny pig, galloping for its food.
 Funny pigs, sticking their heads in the food before it all hits the pan--so some of it ends up on them!
Funny Jemima Puddleduck, who spends most of her days perched on the fence . . .
 .  .  . to keep away from the Red Baron and his funny-looking fellows.
 Funny Siobhan, standing in the mud puddle that used to be the old half of the pond.

THAT isn't funny, it's sad!  Two pond experts whom we recently consulted both said our pond will never hold water--too much rock and not enough clay in our soil.
Funny Misty, staying cool by spread-eagling herself on the floor.


  1. Oh, my! Misty has grown. More pics, please ;-)

  2. The new one was already in the pipeline, Jenny. Sorry the pictures aren't better, but the flash only does so much. Misty is almost as tall as Zephyr and probably weighs more. Zephyr can still be top dog when they play, but not for long!

  3. Wow, she's turning into a regular house pet ;-) lol


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