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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Charis has a book called "Yummy-Yucky" that says things like "Soap is yucky; soup is yummy."  Here's our take on the yummy-yucky theme:

Pigs have yucky manners, and Four is a pig!  She shoves Eight away, trying to get the most food or the best bits.  They both wag their tails, coiling and uncoiling them, as they eat.  When they have juicy goodies like tomato skins or messy berries, they smack and slurp.  Their manners might never pass Emily Post's etiquette test, but it's rewarding to see them enjoying their food so much--and growing bigger every day!
Ducks eat yucky things!  We haven't been using the big water tank since all the big animals are out in the pasture, and today I dumped it in the barnyard and cleaned it out.  The ducks loved the green water, even scooping algae out with their bills to slurp it down like green spaghetti.
Zephyr thinks water from a hose is yummy and FUN!
The ducks think fresh, clean water is yummy--but it won't be long till it's yucky.  They always drink first, then take their baths in it!
Pigs are yucky on so many levels.  They come running every morning when Herb moves the chicken tractor. The chickens chuckle happily as he moves them to fresh, green grass.  The pigs run straight to the old site--and it's not the spilled grain they're after!  Hey, Four and Eight--that stuff is supposed to be fertilizing our field!

Sometimes a farm is a yucky place, but it sure does produce yummy food!


  1. Yum, I love your blog ;-) Please post about the chickens....and give Tai our love! We tried to call him today to say we love him but he didn't pick up the phone. Oh well!

  2. Glad you like the blog! I must say I'm glad Tai didn't answer the phone--I'd be a bit worried if he did! :)


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